You will receive AMAZING results, for a fraction of what you think it will cost!

For an investment of $250 you will receive an one-hour initial consultation.  During that time, we will address your concerns, discuss your options and work out an agreed plan of action.  Fixed cost or hourly rates for subsequent work can be negotiated, depending on the matter.

We believe in making it affordable for most to be able to get the assistance they require.  This is in stark contrast to a client of ours who was about to attend a VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) hearing.  He entertained the idea of having a barrister “friend” to attend with him for the two-day hearing.  He was quoted $30,000.  Needless to say, he called us up and asked for a consultant to attend with him.  They won the case and saved the client $000’s.





Now, should you find yourself in the “Do Whatever It Takes/I have Nothing left to Loose”
category,  we have an arsenal of some very innovative and strategic solutions.  We like to
think that we can “pull a rabbit out of the hat”!


If you are not aware of what mainstream lawyers charge,  there is a National Guide to Counsel Fees set out in the link below.  This Guide sets the standard for chargeable rates for legal work. For your information, a Junior Lawyer can charge $250-$500 per hour.  A Senior Lawyer can charge up to $700 per hour.  A Partner can charge more!  You will receive equivalent Senior Lawyer service  for much less.

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