Throughout your life there will be many matters which occur in your work and personal life.  You cringe at the idea of having to hire a lawyer and wish you could do it yourself. 
These matters can range from anything such as purchasing a house,  building a house/dealing with contractors, receiving a civil suit, wills, etc.  When commencing a business the issues can entail incorporation structure, asset protection, leases, development of sales contracts, collecting debts, lawsuits, QCAT/VCAT claims, etc.  Many issues really do not require lawyers. 
There are many matters which one can do themselves,  saving $000’s – not to mention the satisfaction of  successfully defending yourself.
What we have found recently is the increase in number of cases which are negotiated prior to ever having to see a courtroom.  Just take the recent figures on the amount of money that banks have refunded to customers due to issues with their bank loans.
In our training sessions you will learn practical skills from a legally qualified and skilled speaker, which will deal with all of the above. 

During this legal training you will gain confidence and learn:

Areas to consider when setting up your business structure.

 How to complete your incorporation and trust paperwork.

How to protect yourself from being sued.

If you have not engaged any protection, how to defend yourself from a pending lawsuit.

Court forms and procedures, court protocol (so that you do not annoy everyone and sabotage your case). 

   How to argue like a lawyer and know what questions to ask.

Collect your debts like a pro.

Adopt strategies for wealth protection.

Understand privacy and your rights and privileges.

MEDIATE!!  This is a seldom used and often poorly-implemented strategy. 

                      You should prepare for, and benefit from, mediation to avoid costly litigation.

We can design a training workshop for a common interest groups who have more specific requests on the type of information they require.  We will occasionally offer workshops depending on our location.   Of course, you are always free to avail yourself of our consultancy services.

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