Together, we can do most things that a lawyer can – but way quicker and more economically.

For those with an extraordinary or potentially life- altering problem, it requires a contrarian approach and an arsenal of tactics.  Our way of doing things often entails legal methods which lawyers will not or cannot entertain.
Did you know that a licensed solicitor upholds an unwritten law which prevents he/she from challenging “the system” or any “wrongs” which a government may bestow upon its citizens? Challenges to the Constitution are despised by Government.
We have no such hindrances. We will use WHATEVER LEGAL MEANS NECESSARY to achieve a result. We pride ourselves on our defensive, lateral and “out of the ordinary” strategies.  For example, we had a client who had run out of the standard options and no-one could help him. We were able to assist him to run a private prosecution, which literally saved his livelihood.

We take a personal interest in our clients and will fight for their causes and against wrongful treatment.  We also pride ourselves on our ability to relate to our clients by taking the time to explain proposed solutions IN PLAIN ENGLISH.

The types of work that they and we have been involved in

Retrieving money for people who have been scammed.

Debt consolidation, including bankruptcy matters.

Collection of overdue debts which the business just did not have time to do.

Mediation in numerous cases; being Banks, Financial Institutions, Civil Administrative Tribunal and private negotiations.  Approx. 90% of cases do not reach court if the mediation is conducted properly.

Running Australian High Court challenges

Successfully challenging unfair treatment by the Banks; particularly for farmers

Establishing international companies and financial institutions in foreign jurisdictions

Assisting Indigenous tribes worldwide with sovereignty issues

Lecturing internationally

If you are seeking a second opinion on your legal case, we are happy to assist.  Just as it is difficult to find a doctor that you feel comfortable with, the same can apply to lawyers.

This is often due to lack of funding or the clients’ desire to gain a better understanding of the legal system and the satisfaction of taking the challenge to the court themselves.
Think about how many times in your lifetime that you may require legal assistance:  New Business Setup (companies, trusts, loans, partnerships, contracts, etc.), Family trusts, wills, home purchase and lawsuits, to name a few. Refer to our DIY Legal Training Page

There are some things that many of us can agree on.

  • Many people are unhappy with the judicial system in Australia.  
  • Many people feel that they do not receive justice.
  • Many people just do not have the funds required to hire a solicitor.  A recent client wanted to hire a barrister to assist him with his VCAT case for two days.  He requested $30,000!!  The client changed their mind and hired us to do the job.
  • It is an unfortunate fact is that the litigant with the greatest financial backing often wins; not necessarily because they have a better case.  The other party walks away as they cannot continue the fight from a financial point of view.  We have a saying here:  “Justice is what you get when your money runs out”.  Sad – but true.

The following is an interesting article on the state of Australia’s Legal Justice System.

Injustice in Australia’s Judicial System

Our principal consultant, Zoltan Varszeghy, began his professional journey as a conventional law student but quickly transitioned into founding his own law firm focusing on general and criminal law in a Melbourne suburb.
Eventually, he left the traditional office setting and his practicing certificate to become a private legal consultant. This career shift enabled him to diversify into areas like high court challenges, international human rights cases, and various industry-specific contracts.
Today, he also enjoys offering bespoke legal solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises either through one-on-one consultation or through conducting one-day workshops on a range of legal topics for small businesses.


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