We use whatever legal means necessary to achieve a result.


The Answer:  Private Prosecutions.  We have found that issuing a properly prepared and researched Private Prosecution renders the desired results.  A Private Prosecution is a criminal proceeding initiated by an individual or private organization, instead of a public prosecutor.These have been very successful for those who have been criminally wronged where the police will not assist.

It happens every day to people from different walks of life, educational background and affluence.

The list of potential scams is endless from real estate scams, online dating fraudsters, shipwreck treasures, crypto, unlicenced investment managers, high yield trading programs, weight loss scams, sports betting schemes, etc.

Fraud does not get any larger than the $65 billion ponzi scheme run by the infamous Bernie Madoff.  He was a well-respected stockbroker and Chairman of the NASDAQ.  This was so extraordinary that a movie was recently made a movie about Bernie and his family, named “The Wizard of Lies” (starring Robert DeNiro as Bernie).

His first clients were family, friends, clients of his father’s accountancy practice and members of the Jewish community, charities, Boards, etc. to which he belonged.    His client base ultimately extended to numerous trading firms, funds and banks worldwide.  People were “throwing” money at him to be managed via his consistently performing trading funds.

This goes to show that anyone (rich or poor) can get dragged into a scam.  Perhaps, secretly, they do not want to know that it is just too good to be true!

We currently have clients both in Australia and overseas who have lost money in investment schemes which were introduced to them by third parties.


Through running a small to medium business you often find yourself trying to wear many hats.  Depending on your background, experience, time constraints and budget – you will have varying results, particularly when it comes to  addressing legal issues.

Following is an interesting article we found recently on the types of legal battles that SMEs face.
“Peering into the darkness”: Legal battles are costing Aussie businesses thousands.
We can help you to quickly get on top of those nagging legal issues such as:
  • Mediation with the other party is the much preferred and usually successful option.  APPROXIMATELY 90% OF MEDIATED CASES DO NOT GO TO COURT!
  • Minor/major lawsuits or VCAT/QCAT claims for compensation.
  • Your cash flow is being affected due to unsuccessful debt collection strategies.
  • Seeking business restructure advice.
  • Preparation/review of supplier and sales contracts.
  • Arranging or renewing banking, loan and lease documentation.
  • Handling employee agreements and complaints.


We have many types of clients who have various interests and requirements.  Therefore our contacts are based in the Pacific, Europe, Hong Kong, etc.

Their privacy is paramount but examples of the types of work involved can be:
Business development
Asset protection
Sovereignty claims
International Court jurisdictional claims
Options for people seeking to secure their livelihoods through alternative vacation/”bug out” locations


You may not have an active business, and are, by legal accounts, “Mr/Mrs Average”.  This does not mean that you are able to escape a legal discrepancy during your lifetime.
Here are just a few examples of matters which come across our desk:
  • daughter whose elderly mother has changed her will due to “influence” by another party
  • client who wants to negotiate with his creditors to avoid bankrupcy
  • client who had his horses stolen
  • client who had his joint venture agreement wrongfully terminated
  • client who was mistreated by his bank
… the list goes on.


“LTT made it easy for us to develop our international court action.  They explained, in plain English, the legal concepts and necessary steps for the successful implemention.”   Neal Lyster, Las Vegas, USA
“Everyone at LTT are so helpful.  They are always to offer advice for the business; even when not requested.  We love their extra concern and attention to family members.”  George Tzouramanis, Architekton Group, Melbourne
“I have dealt with LTT for many years now and consider them as friends.  Their fees are very reasonable and they make our position with legal problems very understandable and clear.”  Chairman of Chiefs – Vanuatu
“For several years LTT have assisted my brothers and sisters of our First Nation group, and others,  in understanding our rights, contractual issues, etc.”  Tribal Attorney General
I had never won any case in a tribunal or court until LTT assisted me.  I managed to retrieve all of my property which was stolen from me.  He saved me thousands from what my Barrister had quoted me to attend VCAT.  George Eccles, East Melbourne

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